Vanilla Phonesex Calls With Simone

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Can you Taste the pure orgasmic pleasure of My sweetness? Can you feel the sensation building in your balls? I know you can My love....

Now that you found Me, you won't be satisfied till you have a taste of a Vanilla Mistress for yourself. I can feel as you are reading this page your balls are aching. I sense a few droplets of pre-cum

oozing out trying desperately to find it's way back to Me. Even before the logical state of your mind tries to determine what is happening to you, your emotions and YES your cock are Responding to My written words.

Oh... My dearest, wait till you Hear My voice. ;)

The simply exquisite flavor of My voice will force your balls to tighten and strain against your manly boxers or briefs.

I have three Essays of how you might Enjoy a Vanilla Mistress such as Myself.

I think you will find all of them to be quite titillating. The essays will give you some Great role play examples of what you can do with Me.

When you are finished with these, I recommend you take a listen to My voice. I would like for you to Adore Me and lavish Me with your affections. The name that will now haunt your cock, is that which is Mine.

I am Empress Simone.